Located in Puntarenas, Hotel Montaña Monteverde has 42 rooms. It also offers bar and restaurant, conference room, laundry service, a gift shop, sauna and a hot tub and free parking space. Breakfast is also included. 

With an altitude of over 4000 feet, the tropical woods are composed of six different ecological communities. This means, the biodiversity in the area is extremely high. Over 2000 plant species are native of Monteverde. More than 320 birds and 100 mammals have been observed. Because to this, Hotel Montaña Monteverde offers 17 different activities you can enjoy in the area.

Right next to the hotel there is a private forest, offering excellent views and trails for the guests enjoyment. Also, there are several artists studios and gift shops, which will make your stay here more memorable. The hotel is within minutes from many local attractions, including the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, the Santa Elena Rain Forest Reserve.

You will find the hotel rooms are comfortable and well-designed, providing you with every comfort you need after those long hikes in the mountains. As you can see, you will be always surrounded by breathtaking views.