Frequently Asked Questions

Exploradores Outdoors Costa Rica

Welcome to our frequently asked questions page. If you dont find the answer you are looking for please feel free to write us your questions and our staff will respond to you as soon as posible.

What time do you pick me up?

5:40 AM, Arenal: All Hotels, contact us for your specific pick up time.

6:00 AM, San Jose: San Ana y Escazú (Alta,Intercontinental,etc.), Barreal de Heredia y Aeropuerto (Hamptonn Inn, Marriott, Cariari,etc)

Caribe Sur: Manzanillo (Almendros y Corales)

6:10 AM, San Jose: La Uruca, Pavas y Sabana (Irazu, Corobici ,Rincon del Valle, etc)

Caribe Sur: Punta Uva y Playa Chiquita (Shawanda, Pachamama, Tierra de Suennos, Chiquita Lodge)

6:20 AM, San José: San Pedro (Milvia,Beregerac, Jade, Don Fabrique, etc.), Paseo Colón (Torremolinos, Grano de Oro, Rosa del Paseo, Colon, etc.) y Avenida Segunda.

Caribe Sur: Playa Cocles (Cariblu, Azania, Costa de Papito, Totem, etc.)

6:30 AM, San José: Centro y Barrio Amón(Gran Hotel,Presidente, Balmoral, Aurola, Aranjuez,Fleur de Lys,Don Carlos, Brittania, etc.)

Caribe Sur: Puerto Viejo (Casa Verde, Guarana, PuraVida, Jacaranda)

6:50 AM, Caribe Sur: Cahuita(Alby Lodge,Ciudad Perdida, El Eancanto, Suizo.

7:30 AM, Caribe Sur: Salon Delia para clientes de Selva Bananito Lodge

Sarapiquí: La Quinta, Centro Neotropico,Selva Verde), Orquetas Sueno Azul.

7:40 AM, Puerto Limón: Muelle de Cruceros, Matama.

Guapiles: Suerre, Casa Rio Blanco.

9:00 AM, Turrialba: Turrialtico, Casa Turire, Wagelia

How do I book a trip?

Send us an email with your name, number of participants, date, trip, hotel pick up and drop off and your credit card info. We will e-mail you back a reservation. How does the transport work?

Quite easily. Vans coming from each destination go back to the same destination. All you do is swap vehicles. For instance, you can start in the San Jose van, raft or visit Tortuguero, and then jump into the Arenal van. So does your luggage.

Does transport from the Arenal to the river have an extra charge?

It does not. The pick up and drop off are included in the rates.

How long does it take to get to Río Pacuare?

From San José or the southern Caribbean 1 hr 40 min. From the Arenal Volcano 2 hrs 30 min. From Sarapiqui 1 hr.

How long does it take to get to Tortuguero?

Driving time: From San José or the southern Caribbean 2 hr 40 min. From the Arenal Volcano 3 hrs 30 min. From Sarapiqui 2 hrs. Boat Trip 1hr.

Is my luggage safe while I go White Water Rafting?

Yes, absolutely. At our Exploration Center we have a luggage room specifically for this purpose. Note that a there is a guard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We deal with luggage daily.

What is included in the river trips?

One day Trips:

  • Transport to /from San José – Caribe Sur – Arenal Volcano
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Service of Professional Guides
  • Top of the line River Equipment
  • Use of our private Exploration Center: Showers, changing rooms, bar, gift shop, safe parking and tropical garden.

Two day Trips:

  • All of the above
  • One night of lodging in our Pacuare Tent Camp
  • Two more great meals( total of 5 )
  • Happy hour!! ( 3 beers, 1 mixed drink & snacks )
  • Extra river distance ( 22miles total )
  • 3 guided hikes

What to bring?

To the river:

  • Swimming suit
  • Shorts
  • T-Shirt
  • Tennis shoes, Teva sandals or Aqua shoes, ( not flip - flop )
  • Windbreaker ( or any synthetic fabric T-Shirt )
  • Sun block 15+

After the river:

  • Full set of clothes for changing
  • Towel
  • Plastic bag for wet clothes
  • Cash for souvenirs, pictures and T-Shirts

For overnight trips:

  • Same listed above, plus...
  • Flash light, Insect Repellent
  • Pants + Long sleeves shirt
  • Camera, Binoculars
  • Personal care products

Medicines if needed. If this is the case, please inform our office staff or the river guide.

What if I have my own vehicle?

You would need to drive to our Exploration Center (click here for directions). We recommend you to follow our van. Note that your car will be conveniently parked at the end of the rapids. Get 10$ off by driving yourself there.

You would have breakfast with us, leave your vehicle there, jump into one of our vans to be driven to the top of the river and raft back down to our Exploration Center. You need to be there by 8:20 am.

What is the most efficient way to travel the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica?

If you are going to the Pacific Coast after the Caribbean (west bound), this is the order you want to organize your trip, for best time/money value and top logistical efficiency:

San José ---› Río Pacuare ---› Caribe Sur ---› Tortuguero ---› Arenal Volcano

Minimum time: 5 days Recommended Time: 8 days

If you are going to the Caribbean Coast from the Pacific (east bound) and on to San José

Arenal Volcano ---› Río Pacuare ---› Caribe Sur ---› Tortuguero ---› San José

How do we find your office?

In San José: the best is to look for Café Mundo Restaurant (very popular, take a taxi or look under "Places to Eat" in your guide book) and follow the blue arrows on the walk way. We are 2 blocks away, within walking distance from 20 different hotels. Look at our printable map.

In the Carribbean: we are located right in the of Puerto Viejo, Next to A mi Modo Restaurant. You will not have any problem finding us. Look at printable map.

Our Arenal Volcano offices are located in La Fortuna, 350 meters east of the main church.

Can I join in a Kayak?

Yes. You must be a solid Kayaker. If you book a Kayaking trip and our head guide believes that you are not qualified you will go in the raft. We will include all necessary gear.

What time do you pick me up?

This depends on your specific hotel. If your are staying in downtown San José or in the center of Puerto Viejo then around 6:30 am. If you an outside of downtown San José or in the Southern Caribbean beaches ( like Cocles ) expect to be picked up at around 6:20 am.

In the Arenal Volcano we have a single pick up time: 6:00 am. This pick up times apply both for our river trips and Tortuguero.

How are your Tortuguero Expeditions different?

Our biggest difference is the transportation. Our Tortuguero Expeditions give you the choice to start and finish in San José, the Arenal Volcano, or the Caribbean Coast at no extra charge.

What is included in your Tortuguero Expeditions?

Our Tortuguero Expeditions include:

Transport to / from San Jose - Arenal Volcano - Caribe Sur

  • 1 night of lodging at La Baula Lodge or similar:
    • hot water
    • private bath
    • turtle shape swimming pool
    • private hiking reserve
    • extensive tropical gardens
    • beach front
  • Five great meals ( 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner )
  • Two guided trips.
  • One boat trip through the smaller canals, in search of a close up view of the wildlife.
  • One trip to the interesting town of Tortuguero with a visit to the Caribbean Conservation Corporation.
  • Kayaking for individual exploration of the canals.

Not included: National Park entrance fees ( $6 ) , Night turtle tour ( June September, $35 ) , Alcoholic Beverages.